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Teen Girls Confront an Epidemic of Deepfake Nudes in Schools (Mon, 08 Apr 2024)
Using artificial intelligence, middle and high school students have fabricated explicit images of female classmates and shared the doctored pictures.
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How Tech Giants Cut Corners to Harvest Data for A.I. (Mon, 08 Apr 2024)
OpenAI, Google and Meta ignored corporate policies, altered their own rules and discussed skirting copyright law as they sought online information to train their newest artificial intelligence systems.
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TSMC Will Receive $6.6 Billion to Bolster U.S. Chip Manufacturing (Mon, 08 Apr 2024)
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company plans to build an additional factory and upgrade another planned facility in Phoenix with the federal grants.
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Google to Tone Down Message Board After Employees Feud Over War in Gaza (Mon, 08 Apr 2024)
The company is making changes to a popular message board called Memegen that some employees say sounds a lot like censorship.
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Tell Us: Has Elon Musk’s Behavior Affected How You View Tesla? (Fri, 12 Apr 2024)
Mr. Musk, the chief executive of Tesla, has turned off many people with polarizing remarks on social media, and it may be affecting the automaker’s sales.
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Despite the Watch World’s Secrecy, Data Services Expand (Fri, 12 Apr 2024)
Swiss brands and retailers now have a few options to determine what’s happening with the industry. Just a couple of years ago, they had almost none.
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Europe’s A.I. ‘Champion’ Sets Sights on Tech Giants in U.S. (Fri, 12 Apr 2024)
Mistral, a French start-up considered a promising challenger to OpenAI and Google, is getting support from European leaders who want to protect the region’s culture and politics.
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Apple Lifts Some Restrictions on iPhone Repairs (Thu, 11 Apr 2024)
This fall, the company will begin allowing customers to replace broken parts with used iPhone components without its previous software limits.
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Jackson Hinkle Rides Rage Over Israel to Prominence (Thu, 11 Apr 2024)
Jackson Hinkle’s incendiary commentary has generated over two million new followers on X since October — a surge that some researchers say is aided by inauthentic accounts.
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Humane’s AI Pin Wants to Free You From Your Phone (Thu, 11 Apr 2024)
The $700 Ai Pin, funded by OpenAI’s Sam Altman and Microsoft, can be helpful — until it struggles with tasks like doing math and crafting sandwich recipes.
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Computer Theorist Wins $1 Million Turing Award (Thu, 11 Apr 2024)
This year’s honor will go to Avi Wigderson, an Israeli-born mathematician and theoretical computer scientist who specializes in randomness.
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AI Chatbots Are Hiring Tutors to Train Their Models (Wed, 10 Apr 2024)
The human work of teaching A.I. is getting a lot more complex as the technology improves.
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What Happened When a German Car Factory Went All Electric (Tue, 09 Apr 2024)
Volkswagen’s plant in Zwickau stopped producing Golfs and switched to electric vehicles, illuminating the risks and opportunities for factory towns and cities.
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Beeper Messaging App Is Acquired as a Bet on a Regulatory Shift (Tue, 09 Apr 2024)
Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, bought Beeper in an effort to build a system that works across Android and Apple devices.
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Tesla Settles Lawsuit Over a Fatal Crash Involving Autopilot (Mon, 08 Apr 2024)
A Tesla driver’s family had sought damages for the 2018 crash, which happened while the carmaker’s driver-assistance software was in use.
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Maryland Passes 2 Major Privacy Bills, Despite Tech Industry Pushback (Mon, 08 Apr 2024)
One bill would require apps like Instagram and TikTok to prioritize young people’s safety, and the other would restrict the collection of consumer data.
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In Battle Over Health Care Costs, Private Equity Plays Both Sides (Sun, 07 Apr 2024)
As medical practices owned by private equity firms fuel overbilling, a payment tool also backed by such investors helps insurers boost their profits.
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What to Know About Tech Companies Using A.I. to Teach Their Own A.I. (Sat, 06 Apr 2024)
As artificial intelligence developers run out of data to train their models, they are turning to “synthetic data” — data made by the A.I. itself.
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Four Takeaways on the Race to Amass Data for A.I. (Sat, 06 Apr 2024)
To make artificial intelligence systems more powerful, tech companies need online data to feed the technology. Here’s what to know.
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Is A.I. Already Taking Jobs? +A Filmmaker Tries Sora + The XZ Backdoor Caper (Fri, 05 Apr 2024)
“I’ve always said if you have a ChatGPT subscription and a hose, you can get very far in this life.”
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